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McDonald's® Presents... Olympic Fun Facts Straight from Sydney, Australia

Sep 22, 2000

Making Records at Olympic Park, McDonald's Serves Half a Million Meals At
               The Seven Restaurants at Sydney Olympic Park

    Big Mac™ Sandwiches and French Fries Are Favorites to Athletes

  Meal Tally       -- More than 500,000 burgers, six-piece Chicken
                      McNuggets™ packs and McMuffin™ meals have been
                      served to date to customers at the 2000 Olympic Games
                   -- With more than 35,000 Big Mac sandwiches and 75,000
                      orders of French Fries served in the Olympic Village,
                      burgers and French Fries remain favorites with the

  On Your Mark,    -- As Official Restaurant Partner of the 2000 Olympic
  Get Set, Eat        Games, McDonald's is feeding more than 15,000
                      athletes, coaches and officials in the Olympic Village
                      restaurants (not open to the public).

                   -- The McDonald's Central Restaurant in Sydney Park will
                      challenge world record sales figures with 23,000
                      burgers expected to be served daily during the Games.

                   -- During the 2000 Olympic Summer Games, more than
                      2,000,000 meat patties, 414,469 pounds of potatoes and
                      26,455 pounds of lettuce will be required to feed
                      athletes, coaches, officials and spectators in the
                      Olympic Food Service Venues at Sydney Olympic Park.

                   -- More than 98,000 Big Mac sandwiches were served just
                      to athletes at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.
                      (Equally large numbers are expected in Sydney also)

                   -- The most popular burger in Australia is the McOz™
                      Burger -- a burger designed to satisfy the tastes of
                      Australian customers by combining 100 percent
                      Australian beef, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion and
                      the secret ingredient -- beetroot -- on a freshly
                      toasted bun.

  In Australia     -- Aussie:      Australian (pronounced "Ozzie")
  did somebody say...
                   -- Brekkie:     Breakfast

                   -- G'Day!:      Hello!

                   -- Good on ya:  Good for you, well done

                   -- Maccas:      McDonald's (pronounced "Mackers")

                   -- Oz:          Australia

  Did you know?    -- Amy Van Dyken, 2000 gold medalist and 1996 four-time
                      gold medalist in swimming, is a former McDonald's crew
                      member in Colorado, USA.  Amy's first job was at

                   -- McDonald's seven Olympic restaurant venues will serve
                      nearly 1.5 million sandwiches in three weeks.

                   -- More than 1,100 crew and 70 managers will work at the
                      Sydney 2000 Olympic Games restaurants.

                   -- More than 350 crew and managers will be working at the
                      McDonald's Central restaurant in Sydney Olympic Park,
                      with 80 on shift at any given time.

                   -- McDonald's Main Dining Restaurant in the Olympic
                      Village (opened to athletes, coaches and officials
                      only) will be open around the clock for 33 days during
                      the Olympic Games and will require 200 crew and 12

                   -- More than 70 "International Crew" from 21 countries
                      around the world will travel to Sydney for the Olympic
                      Games and work in the Olympic Village Main Dining and
                      Casual Dining Restaurants.

  McDonald's in    -- The McOz Burger -- a burger designed to satisfy the
  Australia           tastes of Australian customers by combining
                      100 percent Australian beef, cheese, tomato, lettuce,
                      onion and the secret ingredient -- beetroot -- on a
                      freshly toasted bun.  While available at McDonald's
                      restaurants throughout Australia, it is not on the
                      menu at Sydney Olympic Park.

                   -- McDonald's has built the world's largest temporary
                      restaurant in Sydney Olympic Park with the ability to
                      serve 42 customers every minute.

                   -- Currently, there are 685 McDonald's restaurants in

                   -- McDonald's first restaurant in Australia opened in
                      Yagoona, Bankstown (Sydney) on December 30, 1971.

                   -- McDonald's is one of the largest employers in
                      Australia, with more than 50,000 employees

                   -- 70 percent of Store Managers and Head Office Staff in
                      Australia started as crew and worked their way up.

  Contact: In Sydney, Australia, McDonald's Media Information Hotline,
  133 623 * Note: Australia's country code is 61 and Sydney's city code
  is 2; In the United States, McDonald's Corporate Communications,
  630-623-3678, or Bonnie Banoff, 312-596-3403; or visit the McDonald's
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