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McDonald's® to Offer New 'Kids' Treat Menu' Featuring Go-Gurt®, Fruit Roll-Ups® and Danimals® Drinkables

Jul 12, 2002

Beginning today, McDonald's will offer three of the country's most popular kids treats -- DANNON® Danimals® drinkable lowfat yogurt, plus General Mills Go-GURT® portable yogurt, and Fruit Roll-Ups® fruit snacks.

"These great tasting, fun snacks are some of the best-loved kids' brands on the market. They are kid-demanded and mom-approved," said Richard Yoo, Director of Marketing, McDonald's USA.

Specially packaged with colorful Ronald McDonald® graphics, the treats include two General Mills products: Ronald's Strawberry Splash Go-GURT, a spoonless, tube yogurt that is a good source of calcium, and Strawberry Sensation Fruit Roll-Ups snacks made with real fruit and an excellent source of vitamin C, plus Danimals Drinkable Strawberry Explosion™ from Dannon, providing a strong bones combo of calcium and vitamin D.

"McDonald's has always been about providing choices for our customers. These new treats are an excellent nutrient package for youngsters," noted Ann Rusniak, Registered Dietitian, McDonald's Corporation. "The two yogurt snacks, Go-GURT and Danimals Drinkable, provide a good source of calcium, and the Fruit Roll-Ups fruit snacks provide 25 percent of the daily value of vitamin C. As a mom and a registered dietitian, I know the importance of having this type of nutrient value in a snack food that kids enjoy."

McDonald's Kids' Treats are available as an additional purchase with a McDonald's Happy Meal® or Mighty Kids Meal™, or as an a la carte snack any time of the day. Suggested retail prices for the new Kids' Treats are 69 cents for Danimals Drinkable, 59 cents for Go-GURT, and 39 cents for Fruit Roll-Ups. The Kids' Treat Menu is a limited time offer. (Prices and participation based on independent operator decision.)

McDonald's is the leading global foodservice retailer, with more than 29,000 restaurants serving nearly 46 million people each day in 121 countries. Approximately 80 percent of all McDonald's restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by independent franchisees.

General Mills is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of consumer foods products. Its global brand portfolio includes Betty Crocker; Pillsbury; Green Giant; Old El Paso; and more. It also has more than 200 U.S. consumer bands including Cheerios, Wheaties and other Big G cereal brands; Yoplait; Totino's: and Progresso. General Mills is also a leader in the bakeries and foodservice business as a major supplier of baking and other food products to the food service and commercial baking industries. For more information about General Mills, visit .

Celebrating its 60th anniversary, the Dannon Company, Inc. is a leading national producer of yogurt products in the United States with corporate headquarters in Tarrytown, NY, and plants in Minster, OH; Fort Worth, TX; and West Jordan, UT. With a strong commitment to high-quality, wholesome, nutritious and innovative products, Dannon produces about six million cups of yogurt each day in nearly 100 flavors, styles and sizes. Dannon is also the leading supplier of yogurt to the foodservice industry. For more information about Dannon, visit .

                        McDonald's® Kids' Treats
                                Fast Facts

Exciting new Kids' Treats at McDonald's are kid-demanded and mom-approved.

Beginning Friday, July 12th, McDonald's will offer three of the most popular kids' brands on the market. The Kids' Treats selection features top- selling kids' grocery items from Dannon® and General Mills, co-branded and specially packaged with colorful Ronald McDonald® graphics for a unique kids and family food experience -- available only at McDonald's.

  Go GURT® -- The "Grab-n-Go" Yogurt from General Mills

  Product Description:  "No spoon required" -- this wholesome, portable
                        yogurt has a smooth, creamy texture and tastes great
                        refrigerated or frozen.

                        Go-GURT is available at McDonald's in a
                        cool-to-carry tube of Ronald's Strawberry Splash.

  Nutritional Facts:    10% DV Calcium
  (1 tube serving -     2 grams total fat
   64 grams)            70 calories
                        Meets National Yogurt Association criteria for live
                        and active cultures

  Retail Price:         Suggested retail price is $.59

  Fruit Roll-Ups - Fruit Snacks from General Mills

  Product Description:  Created in 1982, Fruit Roll-Ups were the first to
                        roll out the fruit snack sensation.  Made with real
                        fruit and an excellent source of vitamin C, both
                        kids and moms love the snackable size and power-
                        packed taste.

                        Ronald's Strawberry Sensation Fruit Roll-Ups are a
                        convenient snack for kids on the go.

  Nutritional Facts:    25% DV Vitamin C
  (1 roll -             1 gram total fat
   14 gram serving)     50 calories
                        Made with real fruit

  Retail Price:         Suggest retail price is $.39

  Danimals® Drinkable Lowfat Yogurt from Dannon

  Product Description:  Ronald McDonald's Strawberry Explosion™ Danimals
                        Drinkable lowfat yogurt is a delicious, fruity, and
                        creamy-smooth treat that kids can just gulp down
                        without a spoon or even a straw.

  Nutritional Facts:    10% DV Calcium
  (per 3.1 fl oz        10% DV Vitamin D
   serving)             1.5 grams total fat
                        90 calories
                        Meets National Yogurt Association criteria for live
                        and active cultures
                        Good source of potassium and protein
                        Contains no artificial colors or flavors

  Retail price:         Suggested retail price is $.69


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